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Moving towards a Comprehensive Virtual PCB Testing Platform

ANSYS Simulation results for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Trends such as such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, smart home technology and autonomous vehicles are continuing to push PCB technology to its limits. Electronics engineers are now needing to focus on more than just the electromagnetics aspects of PCB design, and are increasingly concerned about power consumption, thermal & vibration issues linked to reliability concerns in harsh environments.

Supercharge your Geometry Model Preparation with Ansys SpaceClaim Scripting

Ansys SpaceClaim has long been the preferred tool for engineers to prepare CAD for simulation. With the release of Ansys 2020 R2, new advances have made SpaceClaim even easier and more powerful than ever before, particularly in bi-directional CAD transfer, block recording & scripting capabilities. LEAP recently ran a webinar to demonstrate how SpaceClaim allows Ansys users to perform advanced, fully automatic manipulation of simulation models directly from the original CAD source. This presentation has been summarised and is available to watch on demand below. Overview of SpaceClaim core capabilities This section provides an overview of why SpaceClaim has been the best tool to prepare industrial CAD for simulation for a number of years. Time-saving features that simulation engineers need are easily located in the...

Guest Blog by Monash HPR: Optimising rocket motor bulkhead using Ansys Discovery Live

Monash HPR (High Powered Rocketry) is a student team dedicated to the design and construction of high-powered rockets to compete in the 10,000 ft and 30,000 ft categories of AURC. Read about how their use of Ansys simulation delivered 85-92% weight reduction during the design and optimisation of their rocket motor bulkheads.

Launch of LEAP Learning Hub

LEAP Australia is committed to the growth of CAE software and simulation tools within the engineering and design community across Australia and New Zealand.  Support and training of our customers and students form a vital part of this commitment. The success seen with our LEAP Academic Portal inspired us to build a new platform for all users in Australia and New Zealand and we are now excited to launch the new LEAP Learning Hub.   The LEAP Learning Hub has a new interface offering a smoother workflow for users to find Ansys training materials for our primary simulation physics: structural, fluids, electromagnetics and electronics.   With every new Ansys release, it is easier and faster for users to set up detailed physics-based simulations. Still, it remains crucial for engineers to have a firm grasp of the underlying physics and to follow established best practices to achieve reliable and accurate simulation results. We hope the Learning Hub will assist you in this journey.   How does it work?  To...
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