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Reliability Physics Analysis Tools for Implementing DO-160G STANDARD

Read how to apply Reliability Physics Analysis (RPA) in Ansys Sherlock to the DO-160G standard which covers “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment” in the aerospace industry. PCBs installed in any airborne vehicles can be simulated in Ansys Sherlock to assess the vibrational and solder fatigue analysis in order to predict the life cycle/ Time-to-failure (TTF) of key components and the board itself.

Material Calibration Wizard in Rocky 2022 R1

Calibration is a crucial step in DEM to ensure that the virtual materials accurately represent real particles. Further, every bulk material is unique and unlike CFD or FEA simulations, standard values for materials will not always provide an accurate representation of the real particles. The Rocky Calibration suite provides engineers with 8 Rocky calibration projects...