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Efficient Multiphysics Simulation with ANSYS AIM

Whether you’re a designer, analyst, or expert in your field, ANSYS Integrated Multiphysics (or ANSYS AIM as we like to call it) can provide you and your company with an out-of-the box, all round tool for either single or multiphysics simulations. ANSYS AIM represents the culmination of developments in technology, computational power and user accessibility, meaning that the ability to run accurate CFD, FEA, or Electromagnetic simulations is now available to every engineer.

Efficient Multiphysics Simulation with ANSYSAIM has been developed to be accessible, exciting, and most importantly useable to the everyday engineer, regardless of their experience level. AIM is seeing use around the world in companies that are looking to move from a limited single-physics approach and who are now looking to add realism by including multiple physics within their simulation models. For example, previously a structural engineer may have only run FE analysis on a large antenna structure, but within the same AIM GUI and common workflow can now use CFD to assess the impact of wind loading on their structure. Watch this video to see a simple example of ANSYS AIM in action on a fluid-structure interaction simulation of a heat exchanger:

Other ways in which ANSYS AIM excels include:

Geometry Preparation – AIM has SpaceClaim as it’s inbuilt geometry modeler which enables rapid, intuitive model clean up and repair, without the need for any training. Open any CAD model, edit the design and prepare it for simulation all within a single interface. You could reduce your analysis time by up to 50 %, thus freeing up time for other projects and work!

Multiphysics Capability – Whether you come from a sole FEA, CFD or Electronics background, ANSYS AIM guides engineers through the entire process with the same workflow, regardless of discipline. Are you looking to develop your current simulation knowledge? ANSYS AIM allows users to model interactions between CFD, FEA and Electromagnetic applications effortlessly and without the need of expert guidance.

Design Exploration – Built from the ground up, ANSYS AIM allows users to access the ANSYS Design Exploration tools that have been implemented in industry for years. Design Exploration within AIM opens the door to optimisation and sensitivity analysis, allowing you to locate regions of your model that could be improved and their relationship with other aspects of the simulation. Fast, robust, and tested; ANSYS Design Exploration is your go-to tool for parametric analysis and product development!

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