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Material Calibration Wizard in Rocky 2022 R1

Calibration is a crucial step in DEM to ensure that the virtual materials accurately represent real particles. Further, every bulk material is unique and unlike CFD or FEA simulations, standard values for materials will not always provide an accurate representation of the real particles. The Rocky Calibration suite provides engineers with 8 Rocky calibration projects to help automate the often lengthy calibration process by replicating standard material calibration tests. In the latest Rocky 2022 R1 release, a new application in the form of a Pre-Post Script further streamlines the calibration process by automatically adjusting the initial parameters needed to calibrate the materials efficiently. Rocky's new Material Wizard is a quick and straightforward tool that can jumpstart calibration work given experimentally measurable qualities like bulk density,...

Bulk Materials Handling & Heavy Lifting Equipment

Large scale reclaimer assembly which will be analysed using ANSYS

Designing equipment intended for use in the bulk material handling industry is no simple task. Engineers need to consider day to day operating conditions as well as unpredictable loadings such as user error/misuse and erratic weather conditions. Simulation software can optimise machine design and gives engineers the capability to decrease project budgets/timeframes and minimise the loss of raw materials through reduced equipment maintenance and wear. Traditional design methods involve “rule of thumb” guidelines based upon knowledge acquired through collective experience which, although “tried and true”, raise several problems: Hand/spreadsheet calculations are repetitive, every time a design change is made these calculations must be re-evaluated. This manual process requires significant time investment over the duration of a design project as the design progresses through multiple iterations….

Breakthrough in accurate load mapping for bulk materials applications: DEM – FEA Coupling with ROCKY 3.0 and ANSYS (Part 1)

Today we present a new and easy way to transfer loads from DEM simulations (ROCKY version 3.0 released September 2014) to ANSYS using External Data coupling in ANSYS Workbench. Discrete Element Method and ROCKY The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is a computational technique originally developed in the 1970s that has gained great popularity in recent years as advancements in computer hardware technology have allowed much faster and more accurate representations of complex particle systems, as commonly found in bulk materials handling problems. The DEM approach is mainly used for the simulation of granular materials, which consist of a large number of solid particles. DEM can for instance be used to predict and optimize granular flow, belt & liner wear and life, tracking, blockages, spillage, punctures,…